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caretaker pushing patient on a wheelchair in the car
We are your reliable travel partner.

Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC began rendering NEMT services in 2020. Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC started with a realization. Working in the medical field, our owner realized that not everyone has the ability to get to a doctor’s appointment. Some require assistance. That’s when Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC was worked on. We exist with one goal in mind, to help all make a trip anywhere as easy as possible.

We have 2 vans with 2 door access and wheelchair access available. We also offer a scheduled bus. As we continue to grow, we plan to add more vehicles to meet the individualized transportation needs of our clients better.

Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC serves hospitals, long-term acute care facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing centers, dialysis and wound care facilities, out-patient imaging centers, physicians’ offices (primary care & specialists), and hospice care agencies.


Our mission is to give everyone the freedom to get to their location safely and with respect.


Our vision is to be the top provider of innovative NEMT services for every individual of any age who has transportation needs.

happy father pushing son on wheelchair with van in background

Why Choose Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC?

Freedom to Stay at Home

With Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC, patients recovering in the comfort of their own homes can easily make critical follow-up appointments even though they aren’t able to drive. If a wheelchair and/or decreased stability prevents a family member or friend from going to places, a call to Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC can easily overcome those challenges.

Ability to “Age in Place”

If you or a loved one chooses to remain at home during ongoing treatments or recovery, Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC offers a reliable alternative that makes aging in place possible.

Sense of Security

Passengers and their loved ones can rest assured that Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC provides reliable, timely, and courteous transportation. With just a phone call, scheduling transports for physician appointments, dialysis, and other outpatient services is easy.

Improved Quality of Life

When possible, Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC can help passengers make arrangements to attend special events— funerals, graduations, family gatherings, and other non-medical appointments close to home or some distance away. Being wheelchair-bound should not restrict someone’s ability to experience special occasions. In fact, these outings may enhance one’s ability to thrive during recovery.

Provide Additional Support

Fotanis Medical Transportation Services LLC provides non-emergency medical transportation all year long, including holidays. This is especially comforting for spouses, caregivers, and adult children who may be primary caregivers or assisting with a patient’s care while working full-time or living far away.

Peace of Mind

Being certain that a patient makes all follow-up appointments and treatments (therapy, dialysis, chemotherapy, wound care, rehab, etc.) on a regular basis is critical for a quicker and more complete recovery. Making it to all medical appointments is key to proper healing. Seeing a healthcare professional on a scheduled basis allows for close monitoring of a loved one’s well-being which is very helpful for those who live alone.